Surgery Gunners

Surgery Gunners, thats what the med students term their peers that are going for a surgery residency. Having worked with them for 2 weeks thus far, there’s definitely a few qualities about these students that separates them from the rest.


  • The first to arrive (we start our mornings at 6:30 doing rounds)
  • They stay 4 or 5 hours after being done (we finish at 5 pm, I often see them leaving at 8 or 9 pm).
  • They are involved in surgery-related research with other preceptors
  • All of their electives, horizontal electives/observerships are in surgery
  • They read read read about everything surgical, even fictional books and autobiographies of surgeons
  • Both of the surgery gunners in our medical team have iPad 2’s, which they carry with them. 18 textbooks loaded in pdf form.
  • One is compiling his own online textbook on surgery topics.
  • They are quick to build relationships with their preceptors – receiving mentorship early on in their medical education.

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