Finding Home

How exhausting. I just moved from a lucrative (for me) $840 a month apartment to a $285 room in a student house closer to the university I study at. I managed to move the majority of things within 4 hours – and the help of 3 burly young men (my two cousins and friend Alvin). With 2 cars, and shuttling back and fourth, as well as up and down 31 floors. Everything is moved.

When I arrived at the new room I was supposed to move in – a single desk, room light and lots of dust I had to sweep up. The first thing I set up was my bed. Put domo and my other plushies into one corner, plugged in the light, and set the boxes down.

A room is a lot like a sanctuary. Somewhere I may come home to be comfortable, relaxed, where I study, and spend time with my special someone. Except what usually ends up happening is that mess inevitably starts to accumulate, and without constantly cleaning – I end up with a mess by the end of the week. Its funny though, for the past 6 years, every year I have moved once – or even twice from a student residence on campus, to many rooms in student houses, to a 3 bedroom apartment, to my own apartment.

My hope is that my next “home” will be a condo or upscale apartment. Where I am not paying for it with  student loans like I am right now, but my own income once I start working.