Ehh… I’ve been working on this project on wordpress (shhh… Its still secret and unfinished! But you can check out how its doing by clicking here). I stayed up a little late last night to work on it, then woke up extremely early. Seems like I am the kind of person that requires AMPLE sleep in order to function. So guess what? Bad day.

I felt I had very little to run off on today, and a pretty hefty workload, so I got overwhelmed pretty early in the day. Instead of powering through and being on top of all of my patient’s issues, I felt I was chasing my tail. It made me realize if you aren’t on top of your game, Internal Medicine can become overwhelming. If I have a lot of gusto and good sleep, I’m good and enjoy it so much. If I don’t, even staying awake is really difficult, and the job is less fun.

Gonna take tonight to re-energize and ensure I can tackle work so is fun again.


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