It’s done

Can’t believe its over. 

6 years of school. Thats 4 of an undergraduate degree, and 2 in a professional program. Working through each and every summer. Blood, sweat and tears into exams, assignments, labs. Then my last and final year doing clinical placements throughout different areas of the hospital.

Some memorable moments

  • The Australian medical resident who looked like Dr. House
  • Icecream everyday at 4 pm for 2 weeks with a certain preceptor in internal medicine
  • Being called “Anna” or Dr Anna, on every rotation despite introducing myself as “Anne, the PA Student”
  • Being able to be first assist in every orthopedic surgery I attended
  • Being mistaken for a medical student, or resident
  • Overnight call at a hospital while I was doing my surgery rotation, and SM stayed with me at the hospital all night, even brought pho to the hospital, when I was hungry!
  • Free sushi at a big city academic hospital for rounds!
  • Being told I had the qualities and potential to become a physician by many of my preceptors
  • Getting to know the patients and their families
  • Being able to take the time to provide quality care, and receiving appreciation from patients
  • Discovering things I never realized about myself:
    • Emotionally and physically, I am a lot stronger than I thought I would be
    • That I probably can’t do shift work
    • I love team work (I’m usually shy)
    • When receiving didactic-type lecturesthat the rotation I dreaded the most (internal medicine) ended up being the rotation I loved most!
    • I’ve finally grown up.
After everything, I made it. Sorry if I sound cheesy, I’m simply overwhelmed. Glad to be done 🙂