Back home after 6 years

I remember how scary and exciting it was to be graduated high school, leaving home to a University town/community to embark in undergraduate studies for four years. A lot has changed, I went from being extremely conservative, shy, and timid to free-spirited, adventurous, forthcoming and confident (although a small part of me says I should be more modest when I say things like that!). I don’t think I could have made this kind of growth without having left home and the protective womb of my parents care and constant supervision (its an asian parent thing).

Spring Cleaning – One thing I’ve noticed, is that somehow I have this unintentional propensity to accumulate so much stuff, which makes for miserable moving missions every time I move (which is once or twice a year for the past 6 years). I think a goal of mine, when living at home is too cut down a lot of the stuff. I know clutter has never ever made me feel good. Somehow I am able to manage through the “organized mess”, however, some days more than others I find it stressful to come home to so much stuffSort out things I need to throw out, clothes I can donate.

No place like home 🙂