Almost there

It’s terrible that almost all of my past entries have been about school, but I’ve been so entrenched in my placements and studying that I’ve barely had time for my life outside of school.

SM enlightened me to the fact that I was only 2 months away from finishing, then 7 weeks, then now… it’s hard to believe I am only 6 weeks away from finishing my program, and possibly university – forever!!

That moment, seemed so far away a mere few weeks ago. I’ve started preparing my resume, my cover letters, gathering my references, and preparing what may be a permanent move back away from my university town and back to my home city.

I’ve had a long list of things I wanted to do once I finished. ┬áPay off my student loans first and foremost, move out, get my own place…

This seems strange, I’ve been used to being a student for so long, the idea of not having classes in the fall, purchasing binders, pens, organizing a class schedule. Life will definitely be different, but I have to say the thought of no more midterms or exams is exciting.